Giveaway With: GooseWaddle

This giveaway has already ended. Thank you for entering and look for more giveaway's soon!! 

I have been so excited to do this giveaway with all of you. And you know if I do a giveaway I really love the product.

Introducing GooseWaddle.

I am a natural born snuggler and love blankets. Even in the summer if you come to my house I have a million different blankets in my living room.

So HERE is the product and the DL.

Seriously one of the, if not THE softest most cloud like blankets EVER! There is a big blanket and a little one. I love the little one for Zion because she gets so hot but loves a soft blanket to snuggle when going to sleep, and it fits in my purse.

And my real favorite thing about GooseWaddle is that they have buy 1 give 1. That means that every one that you buy, they give one to a child who does not have a blanket, a baby in need of warmth and even some love.

Safe to say she loves it.

Here is what you can win:
One of the large blankets and one of the small blankies, your choice in color. I chose white, but they have white, blue and pink. Go HERE to check out which color you like the best. 

Here is how to win it:
Take the image below and either 
Instagram: Tag brittneysrabbithole 
or Facebook post it with a link to my blog.

Comment below with your E-mail address, what color you would like, and why you would like this soft beautiful set and which of the three ABOVE, or all three, posts that you did. 

And this box will come to your house for your baby, your grand-baby, or someone you love. 

Giveaways are fun! Hope you win! 



  1. I would love this for my little girl! - white.

  2. Omg. I'm a blanket fanatic too and it would be a dream to win this for my little bun in the oven!!
    I'm imstagramming it.

  3. The pink one is beautiful! My baby girl would love this blanket,she loves cuddling with all her blankets.She would love to have this! :)
    I shared this on Instagram :)

  4. Shared on all three! We would love the white for our little Alexander! He's a snuggle baby!

  5. Shared on FB and IG!
    Would LOVE to snuggle our sweet boy in a WHITE one of these:) whenever He arrives!! Any day now;)

  6. All my kids have a super soft snuggly blanket that usually stays with them through childhood. I've been looking for one that is warm as well for our NY, Christmas baby and this would be absolutely perfect. Shared on Instagram. white.

  7. Would love to win the blue one! My little girl would love the mini version :) my email is and I used Instagram!

  8. Thank you for the chance to win! Shared on facebook. I would love the white set for my little man,

  9. I would love the white one for my sweet baby! I shared on instagram. Thank you for the opportunity!

  10. Would love the blue one for my sweet son. I shared on Facebook.

  11.,Would love the white for my new son! Shared on twitter!


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