One Year

We have lived in our house for one year now this fall. All I know is that time goes by way, way to fast!

We have been busy doing all kinds of things to the house to make it home. I still have lots and lots of ideas and I am currently working on a few projects. They will come when they come because Christmas is coming and  I am so excited to work on that!

On top of having our sweet Zion and the kids doing their first year of school (and now working on their second), we have been making this house a  home with our everyday life and style.

Here are a few of the rooms and places in our home.

I'll start with our room. This may be my favorite place in the house. It has been a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary for me and Zion's birth room. I have more idea's in mind, but I'll wait till Z moves out, and I am in no hurry.

Next is the boys room. This room has come together so easy. Hanging planets and stars that all glow on the ceiling. Super hero vintage style and Star Wars, also vintage.  The boys love it and feel like it's their cool super space. Hadassah's room I am still working on :) 

Next is our loft that is upstairs. I love this place in our home as well. We have books, crafts, games, my clean unfolded laundry most the time,  and Judah has his Lego table in there also. The thing I think I love the most is that the mess can be there and no one can see it. This space also helps the upstairs to feel much bigger. 

Now welcome to our down stairs. This is the entry way and living room that flows into the kitchen. The down stairs is a completely open layout. I have literally gotten our decor from all over. Starting from the thrift store, family, flea markets to Etsy and Tiny Prints . This picture of our family is one of a handful of my most favorite pictures of us EVER! We wanted to get a good quality print on canvas to have forever. I went with Tiny Prints, they have great style, and I am so very happy with it! 

This is my Instagram wall. This too is a work in progress. As time goes on I will print my Instagram pictures and put them up here. It's my favorite wall and all who come to our home. 

And as for the canvas with all my babies names on it visit Bohemian Ink if you want one! This is my dear sweet friend and she is very talented! 

Ok so there you have a huge chunk of the house. We have also worked on getting the garage organized and a usable space and worked really hard on the yard. As they come together I will have to share with you. We are so very thankful for our home and our community. 

This week or next I will be writing about my Africa trip. 

Hope you are all well. 


  1. I love the home you've made for your family. It's fun, whimsical and functional. It's beautiful!

  2. I love the home you've made for your family. It's fun, whimsical and functional. It's beautiful!

  3. i love your home, friend. its one of my favorite places to sit and talk and have a cup of coffee. it is a perfect reflection of you and your personality. and you know how much i love your vintage style!! :) love you


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