Christmas Pictures: Stasi Tribe 2014

It's that time of year again! And I LOVE that time of year. Jesus did the most humble thing anyone will and has ever done, He went into a women 's womb and was born, He did it for me!! OK for us all. I  love remembering His gift by thinking of sweet gifts to get those I love, just because I know that they will love them. I love getting a Christmas tree that reminds us that we have eternal life now because of His gift. Putting the lights up that tell us Jesus is the light of the world. And all of us being together in one spirit because that was Jesus' greatest prayer for us.
 I love having a special time when we get together and make things and give to each other. Having it once a year makes it even more special. What a beautiful example our Jesus is, loving us just because of who we are.

I love getting our pictures every year and tearing up at how we have grown in numbers and size.

All photo's taken by Ariana Clare 
Christmas Cards by Tinyprints 

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  1. AMAZING photos, friend!! my absolute favorite is the first one of you with your fur coat on, with your hood on. totally stunning!!!

  2. I don't even have words! The photography is fantastic and really captured the heart of each of you. Breath taking. What a blessing. I love you all and I love the pictures of your beautiful family.


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