Zion 7 Months

It's pretty amazing how in just the short life span of 7 months a single person can change and impact the lives of all those around her! So many years ago The Lord had told me that our Zion was coming. I would try and picture her in  my mind, but the truth is now that I know her, Zion was only a name to me all those years, I could not have dreamt her up.

Now I can hold her, nurse her and watch her sleep. She has touched me in the deepest places of my heart and soul. She has brought completion to the "physically having babies" ( I need a better name) part of our family. ( we still want to adopt)

Being pregnant with Zion was a very hard time for me, an out of body kind of experience. I never felt right, or "normal" right up until I had her. BUT of course the moment that I did have her,  all felt better, ok, and good in my heart.

Our Zion Arielle Revival is one of the happiest babies ever! She will almost always smile if you catch her eye. She loves her siblings and can say dada. She has two teeth, that she is still getting use to, she is almost crawling, and she eats a cereal now. Most of all she has a joy that is contagious, she touches your face with her little baby hand when she looks at you, she communicates in such a sweet, deep way.

I love you my sweet baby Z, our honey girl. You are a blessing to my life and heart. You make me happy!!

I am enjoying getting to know her, but it really is going so very fast! I am so very blessed Jesus has been so faithful to me! Holy Spirit you have been beautiful to me and my family!

 That dimple of her's, just like her daddy! <3 nbsp="" p="">



  1. Beautiful! She looks so much like you! Ziva may have also brought completion to our "home grown" babies. We want to adopt too and have maybe 2 "heart grown" babies.


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