Africa Part 3

 I close my eyes and feel your warm, sunny breeze on my face and through my hair
I don't know you, yet you feel familiar
in ways I cannot seem to understand.
You have somehow always been in my heart
in dreams that come at night.
I long to take you all in to understand
you and yet I cannot
I nurse my baby under your trees
and next to your children
We sit in silence next to each other
Like old friends who need no words
to be in each others company
Yet a part of me feels
like my feet are not on the ground,
my body and soul are up in the big huge blue sky
that covers you with beauty and light
I am looking down, watching like Peter in the window of Wendy's house
I don't live here
I don't even belong
Yet the stories are about me and I would be warmly welcomed
with open arms and open hearts
She takes a deep breath on my chest as she sleeps
Three before her have done the same
She is revival
She is God's promise born and in the flesh
That He lives and He speaks
She is proof that you are part of my destiny
Yet she calls my attention away from you for now
As she wakes in the night and the day
To be nourished from my very body
The three that also call my name now with their words and their arms
They reach out to me to give them more and more
I cannot do both
The very words bring tears and pain to my whole being
Weak defeat on my lips and at the end of my pen
Lord give me grace and mercy to do all in your time and place
Jesus that I would do both with excellence and grace
Holy Spirit that I would have your fruits and power 
to accomplish all that you have for me
My mind and heart wander back to you oh Africa
I miss you even though I don't really know you
Africa I long for you
you are a part, somehow
of who I am and where I will be
Yet I know you have let me go to no longer hold you as an idol in my heart
Over and before my true God
When it is time I will come and I pray that it will be in power and with the grace of the living God

If  I could have just walked around this beautiful land, learned Swahili, and hugged these beautiful faces, that would have been enough for me. 
So thankful for this. 


  1. Hey Brittney!

    I just stumbled across your blog and just wanted to encourage you! You are amazing! Just looking at your pics of your gorgeous family and all you are doing... wow - you guys are so inspiring! So just wanted to send some love from Australia and let you know you are doing a great job!!

    Love Nat! xoxo

    1. I have been going through a lot lately. So to say this was timely is an understatement!! Thank you from my heart!!!


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