Romance & Adventure Project

I think it is super obvious that I am really in love with my husband. I have not shared a lot about our story or our love for each other, only a little here and there.

Morgan Cecil asked me to be a part of a project that her and her husband have been doing for a few years now. Their story of how they came to be would inspire anyone, in any stage of relationship. Their project does too. They have gathered stories from all different people and different stages of relationship; single, married, single mom or dad, to big or little family.

Need-less-to say I was inspired, I only did a short brief summary on their blog for her project, but I was inspired by their story and by all the stories on their blog. You will be too.
I think soon I will be sharing more about Luke and I, and how we came to be.

Go check out Romance and Adventure  HERE.

Photo By: Ariana Clare 

I hope that you enjoy not only our post but all the other's.
From the single mom or dad, to the big family and so on,
Be encouraged! 


  1. You are caring for a niece now too? I hope Gia is having a grand time with the rest of your children. :)
    Loved reading your story. Beautiful.

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