One Year Ago Today: Zion Arielle Revival Stasi

One year ago today I was thinking ok we started labor and now nothing. I was trying to just stay calm she will come! One year ago today I was holding my new born daughter, my four child, in my arms after a long and hard pregnancy and a perfectly beautiful home birth. After waiting five years for my Revival she had come.

She has been all the way to Africa, traveling through London England and flown on three different journey's already. She always smiles and fits right in with this motley crew like she was made for it. She is fully walking now and into everything. She has no fear, like all the rest of my tribe, and loves all her brothers and sisters. It's really hard to believe that she will be the last baby I give birth to, but I have soaked up all the moments, all the nursing, every moment that I could possibly muster. It's not that I am not excited to watch her grow and get to know her more, it's just that this sweet stage goes faster than I would like.

Her story starts HERE and her birth story HERE.
Her new born pictures HERE and her famous first family shoot HERE.

You know how I am these birthday posts have a million and one pictures so prepare yourself.
A year in Instagram photos and her 1st birthday party. Thank you Instagram for helping me to remain thankful for all the beautiful moments.

Her very first picture on instagram ever. 

For Zion's birthday party Nichole over at Made Welcome, made these beautiful invites for me. Hand made invites that you send in the mail, that's what I'm talking about! Go check her out HERE

Oh my Zion I love you more than I think even I know. This first year has been a great and beautiful joy to my life, daddy's life, and all your brothers and sisters. I love you my dearest honey girl. Thank you for all you have already given me, you are a joy to my heart. The thought of you fills my eyes with tears of joy. I love you!!



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