Lifestyle Shoot Of Our Family With: Bradley Lanphear

Thank you Brad and Janna

I was not able to post all of them at this time, but here are the ones that I could! 

To love, to be known and loved in return, to give love and forgiveness at an endless bound.
I find this first in Christ and only hope to then give it to them in return. 
Relationship is the language of a living God.
He spoke and life was created, thus relationship is the heart beat of all creation. 
This road that I walk is hard and filled with grime.
I know I'm not the first to walk it, there has at least been one before me
strength and weakness are intertwined they seem to be one and the same
but the beauty and the truth keep me going, walking this road. 
There is life and therefore I live 



  1. Did you write the closing lines or did you quote them from something/ somewhere? It's so beautifully stated and I just might print them up and tack 'em on my wall :)

    1. Hi D good,
      Thank you for the compliment! I did write them :)


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