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So a while back I was asked my Bright Idea's to be a guest speaker at their workshop on creativity here in the Charlotte/ Fort Mill, NC/SC area. We meet at the Rock Hill Ameilie's Cafe to discuss everyday creativity and to inspire.
There were a lot of people who told me that they wished that they could have made it out so I thought I would share what I could from that great workshop.

The Bright Idea's girls have a great book that they are writing and they taught a lot out of their "book" and their journey to writing their book on creativity and inspiring. Go HERE for updates about their book.

You can find the other Guest Speakers here below:
Lora Rodgers
Susan Card

Here are my notes from what I spoke on:

Bright Ideas Workshop - Brittney Stasi - Notes

For years I had an idea of what creativity was, based on the definition from others, using words like:
  1. artist
  2. artsy
  3. creative person

Because of their definition I found myself to be disqualified from these descriptions of who I was, I could not either claim that I was an artsy person or be creative because of their definition, I did not fit into their definition.

It was not really until I got married and starting having kids that I began to find "myself" so to speak, as a creative person.
  1. I find beauty in imperfection.
  2. I often like things to be perfectly imperfect.
  3. I love more of a natural look in a lot of things, but do not hold myself to this standard.

When you have children, or begin to lead in any way especially those that are younger, your desire for them is:
  1. For them to know who they are in Christ
  2. Why He made them the way that they are
  3. What their destiny and calling is
  4. How to help them to grow as they are and even better themselves

However as I began to think about these things I realized that I had not truly figured them out myself. How could I help them in these things when I had no concept of them truly? How could I help them be great within their own skin, if I was not in mine?  This is an ever growing process as I have grown and learned with the Lord and from those relationships around me.

Take away all the defining lines and draw your own. These are a few questions that you need to look in your heart for:
  1. Who says you can’t?
  2. Who made that rule? And why do you have to follow it?
  3. What truly keeps you from being creative in your space, in your home, and in your environment?

When I became a photographer my eyes were opened. As I began to become passionate about my job as a photographer and push myself past what I knew, that's when I began to see the world with a 3d eye. This is just one reason I love Instagram it pushes me to use that skill and that 3d eye every day. Looking beyond what everyone else sees, stepping back and seeing the whole picture, or getting in so close that you are focused on what is important and taking out all the noise. This creative passion has produced more joy in my life by helping me to always see the good that is here, now, right in front of me.

Social Media: a curse or a blessing?
  1. All things in life are what you make them.
  2. Other than my family and my home, social media is my #1 creative outlet. Both for inspiration and for release.
  3. I am beyond grateful for social Media because I do not let it be a "bad" thing in my life. Have bad things happened or people upset me SURE but that is all of life. We can let this so what is in our hearts or we can let it be an excuse to not deal with those things.

Let’s turn these questions into this instead:
  1. Be inspired not conflicted
  2. Try and fail until you have created
  3. Make your own rules, until you feel comfortable in someone else's
  4. And last but not least: love

Let me explain the last one.
When I love I am inspired, not jealous of others. When I love I try instead of discriminate, and when I can do this I find a joy that inwardly inspires my creativity on a daily basis. These things push me further instead of downward.

My number one process in becoming a creative person has been time-
  1. To grow as a person
  2. Time to learn more from The Lord and others
  3. Time to try and fail
  4. Time to know what I really liked and not what others have told me

Often times we give up and put ourselves in a box before we really ever even came to our real potential.
Throw away the idea of perfectionism and turn it into release. A creative release.

Creativity is not something that just comes from within our own selves. Finding creativity

through others, nature, community, friendship and inspiration in all its forms, produces a new creativity that opens our own to a whole new self. - Brittney Stasi

Today I want to leave you with the deep question of :
What keeps me from being a creative person and/or going deeper in my own unique creativity?

My Challenge for you is to answer this question head on. My mom always told me, “face your fears!”

That is what I am challenging you to do, face your fears with creativity.


Thank you for always loving and supporting me


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