Giveaway With: Gold Rose Society

Today's giveaway is a real, real treat! Meet Shirah Rose of Gold Rose Society.

Today is the Grand Opening of her shop Gold Rose Society! 
This beautiful woman is a master seamstress. Her work is flawless and beautiful. I literally was drooling when I saw her work and had to be apart of her great adventure as a entrepreneur. When I am wearing this fold over clutch I feel like a trendsetter, instead of just keeping up. 

Every detail is perfect and thought out, from the gold zipper to the floral inside lining. It's for real my new fav!

How To Enter:

One: Go on my IG and follow how to enter on there.

Two: Go to the Gold Rose Society shop HERE and like her on Facebook ( the LIKE button is on the left under her pic)

Three: Go HERE and like my Facebook page.

That's it!

The winner will get this beautiful fold over button clutch.

This giveaway will run for one week. That's 7 days from today July 1st till Tuesday July 7th. The winner will be announced on my IG page and on my Facebook page.

Hope You Win!


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