Question & Answer Session

Happy July!

I wanted to do something new here on The Rabbit Hole, so I thought I would give all my readers - new and old - a chance to write a blog post this time.
I am going to be holding a question and answer session for you to ask, well, anything!

It can be about me personally, my life etc. or advice. Any thing really if you can ask it I'll do my best to answer it.
                             Photo's By: Ariana Clare 

I am going to give you 3 ways to ask your questions:

1- Here on my IG page. Just pick the picture that is talking about this q&a session and post your question.

2- Right here on the blog in the comments below.

3- By writing me at

Only rule is to be kind :)

I'll run the q&a for about a week and then I'll post a full blog post with the questions and the answers.
Can't wait to hear all your questions


  1. My question is about sweet little Gia. What are the circumstances around her staying with you for so long? Is Mallory doing okay? And, is this going to be permanent?


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