Our Beach Family Photo Shoot With: Ariana Clare

I am finally able to share our Summer Family photo shoot by: Ariana Clare

I am so thankful that Ariana could come to Folly Beach in Charleston SC and get these great pictures of our family. 
I am not quite to the place where I am ready to share all that is going on with our growing family.  Our niece Gia does live with us now, and tho she has always been apart of our family she is now apart of our home as well. I am so very pleased to say that things are going well with the whole situation and we have all come to a place of peace!
The Lord is good and He has been ever faithful to us. 
Those who have cried and prayed with us, we are forever thankful.
I am learning not to pre-judge a situation before it can become something beautiful.
Hardship, pain, and tears are apart of life, it's how you handle it that makes all the difference.  

Thank you Ariana for captureing this season in our family. I never know what the future will hold but this is today. 



  1. really really beautiful, brittney!

  2. Your family is adorable. I am glad that Gia fits in perfectly into your family and that all is going well in that aspect. You are all beautiful people.

  3. What a lovely pictures!! What's Gia story? Why she lives with you?


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