Thanksgiving Giveaway With: FineWoven

 You have probably noticed I am very picky about who I do my giveaways with. I love being able to only pick and work with like minded companies and beautiful pieces of work. Whenever possible I love working with small companies and shops.

Introducing FineWoven Textiles. This week FineWoven is opening it's shop doors for the very first time and to celebrate we have come together to giveaway a beautiful series of handmade Christmas weaving ornaments.

This weeks Giveaway is with small shop owner Lauren Morgan. She makes some of the most beautiful wall tapestries out there. Each one hand made with great excellence and precision.

Hello! My name is Lauren Morgan and I live in Charlotte, NC. I am so excited to share with you the launch of the FineWoven shop! 
I have been weaving for a little more than a year and during that time my love for this art medium has grown so deeply.
I look forward to weaving each tapestry I create. I take pride in crafting my weavings with high quality fibers and materials. Thoughtfully weaving each piece to be unique in its texture.
 I love putting my heart and soul into my work and I hope that you will visit my little shop and be inspired by what you see. 

You can find Lauren's weaving's HERE at her shop FineWoven.
Follow FineWoven HERE on IG.

How To Enter:
Because it's Thanksgiving we are going to keep it real simple
Go on over to my IG HERE look for the original picture/post of this giveaway and follow the instructions on how to enter! 

We are running this giveaway from today Friday November 20th 
Black Friday November 27th

 Thank you all for following and entering all our giveaways to support all the beautiful hard working people out there! 


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