Good Bye 2015 with Colored Organics

December seems to not want to be cold, I think that South Carolina thinks its spring! As dreamy as cold and lots of snow looks, I know that for me only a few days would be dreamy then I would be over it! I love the sun!

I keep thinking back on this year, remembering all the hard and it feels like a lot. But as the year is coming to an end I am feeling beyond blessed and can't help but see all the good that I have been given. In the mist of some really hard things The Lord has been faithful to overflow my cup. Maybe that's the key, you can't have the cup over flowing unless you are willing to live in the hard and walk it out to the other side.

I never believed in things just falling in your lap, but I guess, I thought it would all get easier in time and with hard work. I suppose that maybe it does get easier, because you learn how to persevere and change your mind set. If you so choose, to change your mind set that is.

All that to say I end this year feeling beyond thankful for even the bad, and hard.

When Levi put is Colored Organic outfit on he said, " Mama this is my favorite outfit I'm never taking it off!!"  hahaha

They are some of my favorite clothes that the kids have 100% organic, sweat shop free, and fair trade! They are comfy and extremely soft! Happy good lookin kids made super easy!!

Right now they are having a store wide sale of 40% off! It ends today so go get some cuteness!!

Go HERE to shop!

Good Bye 2015
Love B 


  1. They are so cute. I'm all for fair trade! Love this. I am going to add this shop to my resources fair trade page on the organization I work with's site (because that's what I am ahead of).

    Beautiful photos. Beautiful children.

  2. Very cute. Keep updating. :)

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