Lady Antebellum Heartland: Holiday Charity Candle Collection

I love being able to give back all the time, but the truth is there is something extra sad when you have to spend Christmas in the hospital watching your loved one, your baby, sick.

I have been thinking back on when Zion was in the hospital often lately. We were only there a week and it broke a little piece of our hearts to watch our baby not be able to breath. My heart breaks and my eyes weep for those who have had to endure so, so much more sadness and pain.

One of my biggest love languages is candles. Candles bring in the warm aroma of home and peace.

That's why I am so happy to support and partner with Lady Antebellum Heartland again, and help in the selling of there holiday collection candles that 100% of the profits go to families of hospitalized children who otherwise would not be able to be with their children over the holidays.

Please go over to Lady Antebellum Heartland and help support these dear families.

Praying for the peace of The Lord for you 


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