Hadassah's Ice Skating 8th Birthday Party

My Hadassah Life, you are just that, so full of life. You remind me to slow down, to be kind and steadfast. I love your wonder for life and friendship and the utter joy you find in it all. You are sweet and gentle while still fierce and confident. I love how you hear the voice of God even now and obey His voice even when you feel unsure of yourself. And your kindness for others is a beautiful piece of art work I get to watch unfold. 

I love you so much my Haddie girl I can't even find words to say how much my heart really needs you. You bring a peace and a beauty to my life that only you can bring. I have said it before and I will say it again, "I want to be like you when I grow up!" 

My beautiful and wonderful daughter happy 8th birthday, and while it has come way faster than I ever dreamed possible, watching you grow into the young lady that you are is the joy of my life!  

We had so much fun at Hadassah's 8th Birthday party at the Pineville Ice House here in Charlotte. She actually had her birthday here last year and loved it so much that she wanted to have it here again! 

I loved watching all the parents skating with their kids, everyone laughing and falling down it was so much fun! I personally love to ice skate, especially with my kids. 
The Pineville Ice House makes having birthday parties so easy for the mama's! They have packages that you can choose from that include the pizza, cake, drink, even the plates and such! ( the ones I used are from Target, I had already bought them :) excited mama) 

I went online picked the package I wanted and then showed up 20 min's early to get there with my kids and get settled.
I didn't have to spend the whole party rushing around and the whole day doing a million other things. I even had time to take Haddie to get her a birthday outfit and spend time with her at her party, it was so nice. Especially in the middle of showing our house to sell. 
We skated till the very last minute, we were the last ones to leave. 

If you want to check them out go HERE for their Facebook and HERE for their party packages. 

I love you Life! 


  1. It seems like she had a great time!! Happy birthday to her!

  2. 8th birthday bash!! That seems super amazing. It’s truly great that you shared these gorgeous party photos here. My kids also love parties and they are always excited to explore new places. I also would be starting the preparations for the little one’s next birthday so would like to book one of the outdoor event venues Chicago for carnival themed bash. The kids are super excited to visit Chicago and for the party as well.


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