Advent Christmas 2016

I am still here. I am still breathing. Is that how any of you feel?
I have been determined this Christmas season to be focused on Christ and on family. Lesson I have learned is that next year I will start letting everyone know that in November. ha. I don't care what anyone says I love thinking about goals in the month of December that will be writing down and planning on working on starting in January. Do you? Do you have any easy ways that you implement these goals?

I also love looking back over the year and remembering the bad/hard experiences and recognizing what I can learn from them. And of course remembering all the beauty and blessing despite the freaking hard, hard crap that seems to want to swallow you whole.

And while all these are great things and I love doing them, trying to slow down and focus is my favorite. Yet way, way harder than you may think. So keep fighting for whats important to you and not all these other opinionated haters ( silly face here)

We used an advent book this year and if you follow me on IG you have seen all that we have been doing. If not check it out. On my fb page I have posted some video's.

"The word Advent means coming. It is to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ. To behold the one who has come. To behold the one who dwells among us now. And to behold the one who will come again."
Slow + Sacred Advent
Jennifer Naraki

I can't wait for January I have so many exciting things planned. For now I am here at home with my babies and I am finding so much joy in it when I choose too.

Merry Christmas 
The Stasi Tribe 



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