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If you follow me on Social Media at all I've dropped a hint here and there as to what we are up to lately.

I know over the past few years I have been more silent than talkative. All for good reason, God has been up to so much in our lives. I have been in the school of learning and growing; hoping soon I can begin to share more and more depth with you. I have been learning the greatest lesson in all of life; to fight for what is right and good and find yourself there, instead of fighting for yourself and actually losing yourself instead.

If you go back over my blog, have followed along since the beginning, or if you have known me even for a minute you know that I am passionate about the life of children, when it comes to adoption, abortion, actually putting your money and actions to your beliefs. While there is much that I cannot share with you, today I get the great pleasure of getting to share this with you....

Tears are coming as I actually post this...dreams do come true...

We are adopting a little boy from Nigeria!

Can you believe after all this time it's real!!???

Thank you to everyone who has believed with me and prayed for us!

Now I am asking for you to believe with us and pray with us a little longer. We have not been matched yet all the paper work is being sent off to Nigeria. It took 3 months just to do the paper work. On top of the expenses of adopting we also will have to travel to Nigeria to get our new sweet baby. Be a part of the change and helping the millions of orphans who have no family by helping the one.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donate towards our adoption you can visit HERE.

If you would like to buy a t-shirt or coffee mug that the proceeds go towards our adoption go HERE.

I am beyond over joyed that 
I get to celebrate and share this experience with you


  1. You know I love this! I've been waiting to hear this for a long time. So happy for you guys!

  2. How beautiful! I am really happy for your family! May God be with you in this experience and may He bless your son.

  3. So happy for your tribe! I will be praying all goes well.
    - Cheri Kirk Ooten


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