Sneak Peak of our 10 Year Vow Renewal Party

When you first get married, no matter the circumstances surrounding it, you have a certain amount of hope bubbling inside of you. The days and years that follow your vows can be testing and trying, painful even. The hope that once filled your heart can quickly become fear of losing it all.

It's a fight for love. Never something that is just easily there. The world will tell you that if its really love that it should be easy. I call bull on that. Love is the hardest and highest reward all at the same time. And like all things good in life, working through the hardest parts will reward you with the greatest gifts.

Luke and I have been through so much in our 10 years of marriage. We had days, months, years that I wondered if we would make it out the other side. I can honestly say I love him more now than I did then.We have through it all created so much beauty. We have found so much joy in the gifts that the Lord has given us. At His feet we have found joy, love, and beauty beyond what I thought was possible. It's through all the hard parts of life that you really find the beauty, going through the storms, not around them.

This day was all I had imagined it to be and I can not say enough how thankful I am.

Here is a sneak peak of our 10 year vow renewal party that we had here on our land. When I share the whole party I will also share how I did all of it on a tight budget and where I went cheap and where I splurged a little.

everyone that loved us and served us on this day. 


  1. I had wanted to do a ten year renewal of vows too, but it just never happened. Maybe at 15 years (which is two years away). We'll see.
    Your photos are beautiful and I love all the outfits worn that day! Congratulations on making it a decade through! That is something many are unable to do even when they do try.


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