Is your perspective killing you?

I have mentioned this before and is something I will mention many times over. 

Your perspective will determine your whole life. 

If we have a victim perspective, we will be a victim. 
If we have a rejected perspective, we will be the rejected. 
If you have a fear perspective, everything will be fearful to you. 
If you have a "I can't" perspective, you won't. 

Our perspectives are shaped from the moment we are born really. They say we come to our whole world view by the time we are five. But I BELIEVE despite this, we have the power to choose to change that perspective, if need be. 

We can allow life to dictate to us or we can dictate to it. Everything is a choice, even when things are done to us we have a choice in how we handle it and how it will either rule us or we will rule it. For some this is much harder than it is for others because of the things they have to over come. BUT not impossible. I am a living testament of this truth, as are many people we all look up to in history. 

When it comes to our perspectives I often think about the parable of the talents. We are each given different amounts and with each a certain responsibility to use them wisely and not foolishly. 

For example one person comes from a family with generations of Christians and does not have a broken home and the other only a second generation Christian and comes from a broken home. 

You would expect for the first to come with a bag full of well managed and used talents. The second maybe to only have a few. But did the first have to go and dig up the ones that were buried? Had they even been being used? The second just getting theirs and trying to figure out how to use them as well.

Both with totally different perspectives, yet only one truth, and only one way. 

Struggle is a part of life and it is good for you. THERE I said it. No pain no gain. There is truth in this I'm sorry to say. This does not give us reason to avoid the hard, painful, at times even traumatizing thing. 
Don't believe me? Ask Jesus. 

Be free to be yourself and who God made you to be, while still in line with His heart and His word. That's part of the struggle that brings the changes in  your perspective to one of love instead of selfishness. One of power instead of fear. One of faith instead of unbelief.  

I am constantly bringing my perspective before the Lord. Does this perspective actually align with your vision, your heart, your word, your Spirit?? If not well then I better change it! 

The Lord created all of the earth and all of its people. How is my perspective helping those two? How is my perspective drawing me closer to The Creator? 

Remember we never make a decision based on money or fear. We never let these shape our perspective. Be wise and be a good steward, yet make sure that wisdom is from above and that being a "good" steward is not just you being afraid of making a mistake. Make a few, it's ok. 

 If you have an

I can do this perspective, you can ( with lots of struggle and sweat and probably heart ache) 

If you have an I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me perspective, you can. 

Where the the Spirit of The Lord is there is freedom!!
2 Cor. 3:17



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