10 Years and Counting

As promised here are some of the many, many amazing pictures from our 10 year vow renewal party.
Also, as promised I will give you some of my DIY tips and how I did this whole thing on a tight budget.

There were so many great pictures that I cannot post them all here but you can head over to Quilt and Color Photo and see their post of our 10 year as well. Or maybe I 'll do another post and go into detail with our love story and the vows we wrote. We shall see.

Here is my list:

1) I used a lot of things from around my house. This brought that personal touch of the 10 years that we built our house and made it a home. This also gives that flea market feel to your party. And it's free. We had someone give us a bunch of old mason jars that we cleaned up and used for candle holders on the tables. Ask any old ladies around that you know at church or your community if they have any mason jars collecting dust somewhere that you can borrow (or keep!).

2) Amazon Prime. I got paper plates, plastic gold wear, gold plastic cups, tiki torches, lights, and candles. I compared the prices to local stores and Amazon was much better. Yea of course it would have been awesome to have mixed-matched china, but we were on a budget and it still looked beautiful. Get creative with your budget ;)

3) For the table clothes I went to thrift stores and bought sheets, washed them, cut them and made the table clothes. It gave a mixed-matched picnic table feel that created a dreamy atmosphere.

4) Community. As a family we have invested in community. We give and community gives back. Our whole community jumped in and helped us when we needed it, from set up to clean up.

5) For our cake we made the cake from a box, did the icing ourselves, and went outside and cut some eucalyptus from my tree. If you don't have a eucalyptus tree, they sell eucalyptus at most grocery stores for pretty cheap. We cut a big tree branch up that had fallen off a tree and made it the cake stand.

6) This was probably one of my favorite money savers: Family Style Dinner Potluck. Everyone brought their favorite dish and we passed it family kinfolk style.

7) My Dress. I bought my dress online from over seas. Yea its super risky, so I gave myself lots of time to make sure that I loved it. I used a credit card because if there was fraud it would be protected by the card. I had to have it tailored and even then it was super cheap!!!!

The area that I did not cut corners was photography. I had to spend money on tables and chair rental as well.

Enjoy the photos!

Thank you to everyone who has loved and supported us over the past 10 years.


  1. Well it was all very cute and really worth it, it seems. I am glad you guys were able to have a good time renewing your vows and saved money doing so as well!!


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