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It's been awhile since I've talked about our farm. When we bought this place we really wanted to use it to bring income to our family that we could get the kids involved with us, and bring families together.
We have done goats, rabbits, chickens, and dogs. I helped to birth a goat and I LOVED it! But we realized that we had to focus and get rid of some things. Goats are a lot of work! So we sold all 3 goats together and while we miss them it was a good decision. We learned so much from our goats and had a blast with them! It was a great memory and learning experience.

We still have our bunnies and chickens, they keep us on our toes!! We have lost both bunnies and chickens in the process and that is hard, yet a great learning experience. The kids even helped us to kill some roosters, video coming soon!  I have grown and I have seen my kids grow so much in this whole process and that is what has made it all worth it!

My favorite part of this whole farm life has been these beautiful dogs and puppies we have! They have driven us crazy plenty of times for sure!!! But all good things have to test you at some point!

We decided to breed sheepadoodles for more than all the obvious cuteness! They truly have all the greatest qualities of both the poodle and the Old English Sheep Dog.

Hadassah stayed up all night with me to help birth them all! Levi slept next to the area where we birthed them, right in our sun room! Our best friends even came and stayed the night! The joy that I hear in the voices and the love in the peoples faces buying our sweet babies is just another part of giving to our passion for healthy family! 

I know we won't do this forever but in this season that we are in, which has been a hard trying one, I'm thankful for the extra snuggles and happiness. So go check out our farm website Grace Wood Farm  and tell me what you think! I have been a busy working mama over here! 

Oh and we have two big announcements coming up very, very soon so be watching cuz I am beyond excited to tell you all! 



  1. Your pups are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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