Hadassah Life...My beautiful Princess

"Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God."
Luke 6:20 -Jesus
I have been wanting to blog these pictures for a while.

A few years ago when I first started my blog I wrote this blog about Haddie, MY how we both have changed since then :)

 Hadassah is my first born and at the moment my only girl. In a lot of ways she is my mini me lol She loves to dance, sing, love, care, boss, and help her mommy and daddy. She only really likes to wear dresses but loves to be outside :) She is so excited about her (and I mean her) baby Levi coming. She loves to do "school" with me. We have started to do some school and she eats it up!  Doing school is fun for us and gives both my kids one on one time. I have made the dining room of our house into  a craft/ school room/ coffee nook for mommy :) It has turned out so good so far just need a lil round table.... Picture will be up as soon as I get my lil table. 
Today we watched the birth videos of Haddie and Judah... I had them watch with me and they were not phased by it at all. The kids just oooded and awwed over the lil babies lol (them haha)
So we have been working hard on getting the house unpacked and beautiful :) Feels like home already. I will put pictures up soon of it all when we are done, but for now I have to show you how the fire place turned out :)
And one of the walls in the living room :) It is all turning out soo great :)

OK Last but not least... On one of the blogs I follow she shared a link to a blog she follows. I was so blessed by it and have the same convo with myself and husband...I had to share too.

Enjoy :)


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