Hadassah's 4th Birthday

     Today is the day! Today is the day that my first born, my baby that changed it all, started it all, was born... 4 years ago. What?? Four years ago?? As spring started to "Spring" here in SC I started to get a lil emotional. As it does every year, spring reminds me of my beautiful Hadassah. The time when the cherry blossoms pop out every where here in the Carolina's. Well, that was the time that my Haddie girl popped out  :)

     Meeting my husband was the best thing that had ever happened to me, besides meeting Jesus of course :) Then he gave me this lil girl. This lil girl that is so much like me but so much better than me! As she grew in my belly and my belly grew bigger so did my heart. I always wanted to be a mommy, one of my "dreams" but all the dreams I dreampt of her could not compare to who she is. The moment that she come out and I pulled her onto my chest all the pain was gone and my heart that had been growing just exploded with love!

     How could I, who had done so much bad, be so loved by God to have this, this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful baby?! My understanding of God's love grew that day, being a mom continues to teach me about the love of Jesus for me and His people. As I nursed her and then the days, weeks, and years followed I have fallen more in love with Hadassah Life Stasi. Getting to see her as a daughter with her daddy and a big sister, a friend, and a granddaughter makes my heart happy. She loves, oh how she loves people, reminds me of a part of myself that I feel I loose a lil more and more in this hard world, but she reminds me!

     Then there are those days when you want to, or I just do, run in a room screaming and shut the door because I can't deal. Can't deal with one more question, one more snack, meal or whatever hobbits call all those eating sessions, fighting or what ever else... You know what I mean, kids have this way of getting under your skin in bad and good ways. Because as soon as I am mad within minutes, even seconds I am saying I am sorry for getting mad or just hugging them and feeling guilty on the inside. Hadassah in all her beauty and perfection can really do this to me too.

     If she knows that she did something bad, and she seems to have a very mature understanding of right and wrong, she always come and tells me she is sorry. She really is as sweet as a flower, so kind and thankful!

Her after she was born, all cleaned up with her Blanky :)

Her 1st Birthday 

Her 2nd Birthday

Her on her 3 rd Birthday

     This past year has had a lot going on so this day has snuck up and bit me in the booty . I feel like I blinked and now here it is another year gone. SIGH...TEAR... Hope that I am doing something right, at the very least I love her, I love her very deeply! I mean look at that face!

This is her beloved Cherry Blossom that along with her blanky she loves very much. We got her this bunny from Build a Bear before she was born.

This is her just a few days ago...

Here is an old blog post that I wrote about my beautiful baby girl. I think it was one of my 1st posts ever. Man I am so emotional about these birthdays I think I do this every year!!
Well off to Pancakes, coffee, ballet class and a fun birthday day:) 


  1. Such a beautiful princess... so incredible. Love her so much!

  2. Wow Brit , That was so touching ! And I don't think you should worry about if you are doing things right. I've never met your kids , but I can tell you what I see ..... I see the Love you and Luke have put into them . Its all over them ! From their smiles to their play dates . From their Pj's to the stuffed bunny before she was born . there is nothing about your babies that would say you two have done anything wrong. NOTHING!!!! I can only hope that Michael and I can display the intense love , need for Jesus ,great strength, and grace & long suffering for others,that you and Luke have given your babies! Feel happy my dear G-d poured out His blessing in some seriously mighty ways !!!! ;0)

    1. Awww Mel thank you so much! You are one of my biggest supporters thank you for always being encouraging to me :)

    2. <3 you deserve more than that! ( there just wasnt enough blog space to write everything lol)

    3. <3 you deserve more than that! ( there just wasnt enough blog space to write everything lol)

  3. Beautiful post. I already feel that aching of time passing by too quickly. Oh well, it's part of parenthood, and besides that, there is so much good!

  4. I love birthday posts :) I hope you guys have had a great day!

  5. I know that ache. Every night when I lay Ocean down I feel it. xoxo

  6. Brittney, it's the same with a daughter, granddaughter and a great granddaughter....the feeling of wow.....they are all part of me.....I love you guys sooooo much....someday you will be where I am and you will say my nana was there!


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