Disney 2012

     So back in March we were going to go to FL for a work thing. I was telling my mom about us going and she was like oh we are going to be there too! Also, it just happened to be where my Nana lives and to get there we pass Luke's parents, who also live in FL...whew!  After we had already made the plans the work thing got changed, but only after my Nana said she wanted to take us to Disney World! In January my Granny passed away, it has been a hard thing for me, but my Nana wanted to take us as a family and use the money from Granny, so it was from her too :) So God gave us a lil family vaca in the middle of March, it was a nice treat because we don't live by any of our family.

                                     Prepare yourself you know how we love pictures in this family lol

The first night we went to dinner at Down Town Disney!!

Judah saw Woody and Buzz and screamed as loud as he could and then took off running...
For the rest of the night and the next day Judah would randomly scream out loud because he was so excited he could not hold it in lol

Then we went out to eat on a ship, they loved it and so did we :)

After, you know how magical Disney is, there was live music outside, so we danced :)

We got some ice cream, where Judah informed us that he was in charge, we all lost it laughing!  After ice cream we went back to the hotel to get ready for the REAL day :)

The crew minus Luke :)

 New  Hat's :)


Wait real Buzz??!! What is going on?

A lil shy :)

I guess even Buzz Lighters need mommy sometimes :)

No parties on the Tea Cups

Waiting to meet Rapunzel like a big girl...tear.

Just when you thought that Disney could not get any magical...it got dark!

killen Zerg

Judah's score on the Buzz ride, which may I add was so much fun we went twice :)

Yes really bad and hard things happen to me, but I am also very very blessed and loved by those that do love me :) Thank you Nana, Mom, and Luke :) Great memories!!


  1. Your Nana and Mom look fantastic! And Brittney, you could totally be one of the Disney Princesses! Beautiful family and I am glad you all had such a good time!

  2. Correction that was Luke's score Judah's was 100,000, which was a crazy amount. Luke was actually trying! It was a magical day!

  3. It looks like an awesome time! And those pic of Blue laughing , oh my , you just want to shower him with kisses! And for the record , we love ALL the pics you post for us! Wonderful!!!!


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