Valentine Project

 Happy February  I love this month being that it's the month of love and all! It is also black history month and my birthday month!
I was over at Eager Hands and she did a little Valentine project inspiration post and I guess I got inspired!
 This was SUPER easy and just a little simple way to add a lil love to your home this month.

What you will need
1. Red or Pink Water Color
2. A paint Brush
3. A book To Cut Up
4. Scissor's
5. String/yarn
6. Oven-Bake at 350
7. Hole Punch

OK seems like a long list, but it only took me about 15-20 min and that's with a diaper change in there some where.
I did 9 hearts for my fire place mantle you will have to adjust based on where you are hanging yours.

 OK if you want to do one more to add to it, which I did! Here is something you can do to add to it.

I took some wood clothes pins from the dollar store and covered them in glue and put some pink glitter on them. Made a few more of my same hearts from above. In my Christmas DIY post I showed you how I spray painted some sticks from out side. Check that post out here. I then added my hearts with the glitter clothes pins, to the spray painted sticks.

If you do this project please post a picture on The Rabbit Hole's Facebook page here. We would love to all see them!

Love you


  1. OK, now that's cute! I love the new valentine antlers. ; )

  2. This is truly a gorgeous project!!! Wonderful job!
    +Victoria Tiedemann+


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