DIY Christmas Gifts

     So this is a little late for this year I am sure...sorry. But in the back of your mind for next year!
Every year I like to make one thing at least for each kid and I always have them make gifts for their family and each other.
 Last years posts are here and here. And here.
     I think I will call this year the year of recycling. I started months and months ago saving all the glass bottles from everything. Juice, spaghetti sauce, dressing and all other things that have glass jars. I also ask for paper at the store and if you shop at Trader Joe's they will always give you paper  and they are really cool looking :) So any way here are pics of all the fun DIY that we have done this year!

Change jars for the grandparents. When I was a kid we made one for my Grandpa and he still has it to this day, full of change :) And yes I have gotten lots of change from it :) 

The Nativity Scene. Mary, Joesph, baby Jesus and the Angels. By: Hadassah Life Stasi age 4

I love Christmas! Thank you Jesus for your many gifts, but now at this time of year, I am most thankful for the gift of your birth. That you the God of the universe would humble yourself and go through as much sorrow and pain as you did for me and my little family and all that I love!
Although it's true that December 25th is probably not the day He was actually born and we may have a lot of things messed up or backwards, I choose to focus my heart on Jesus, who He is, and the blessings that I do have!

Merry Christmas 
Love the Stasi Clan 

(all pictures taken with an iphone 5)

I have to leave you with this video! Haddie and I cried as we watched it! 

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  1. These are great!!! I've been saving a lot of mason jars that I use from cooking and now have been drinking out of them because I break glasses easily (don't know what is wrong with me, and my plastic cups are helpful since they don't break). I also use them for vases and such.

    I like the way you made the children drawings into wrapping papers and such! Awesome.

  2. i love my candle jars that you gave me! the light looks so beautiful through them! you are so so creative, brittney. love everything you've done to make your house so lovely. miss seeing you! hugs, Lora

    1. Lora I am so happy that you liked them :) YOu are such a sweet, beautiful person I wanted to make you something! I really miss seeing you too hopefully after the new year we can hang out!!! love you!!


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