Blue 3 Years Old

OK here is my Levi aka Blue in no particular order. He is wild ( a family trait), he is loving, he is demanding and knows what he wants, he likes style (naturally), and he is so funny! He has moves and ain't afraid to show them. He is a blessing that keeps us all laughing and joyous. I love my Blue so deeply even when he is driving me crazy. The clef in his chin and dimples when he smiles never ever get old and make me swoon every day! He snuggles kinda like a porcupine would, very jittery and pokey. He is loud and brave, like Haddie. He is my little guy Levi, he's our Blue. And I'm so in love. 

And here come the dance moves...

For his birth story  go HERE
For his newborn pictures go HERE
For his one year shoot go HERE
There are so many other cute post's about this one so,  for all his cuteness just type in Levi in the search at the top left. 

I love you my Bluesy
I love you with all my heart


  1. You can't help but smile when you see him. He is the essence of life!


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