Spring 2015

Spring time is a beautiful and busy time at our house.
Hadassah turned 7! That was March 26th
Zion turned 1! HERE That was April 7th
Judah turned 6! April 12th
And then Luke turned 30! April 28th
And finally we had our 8 year wedding anniversary on May 12th.
( not to mention Mothers Day and Easter)

Phew I'm tired just typing all that. It has been a beautiful and adventurous spring and as spring comes to an end and summer is fastly approaching, I wanted to remember all my blessings from Spring 2015.

What I have learned in the past 3 months could be summed up in these words: Life and happiness are what you make them.

 That coming from one of the hardest seasons and situations I have yet to encounter, and I've encounter a lot already. What I am going through right now ( that I cannot share at this time) in my life, is extremely difficult and heart wrenching, but I can truly and honestly say I still have a lot of reasons to rejoice, be thankful, keep going and growing, and smile. These are the moments that make and define us. They refine who we are in Christ and can truly make us into the warriors that we all long to be inside.

Judah won Most Original Cake at school for your his Groot cake.
We planted 3 trees.
Haddie got a skate board.

So between all the birthdays, our anniversary, our two great trips to Asheville and Edisto Island, soccer, Zion turning one and making a full recovery with no other problems after her 5 day hospital stay, Judah's field trip, our beautiful community,my sweet friends whom I love, and our God who works all things for our good; I am thankful. 

For our trips we used VRBO it's a great site to find places to stay, just read the reviews first and make sure there are a few reviews before you book :) 

So, here is to another season, Life is hard but it is also beautiful. 


  1. So beautiful. So glad I read this. Thanks for sharing! 💙💙💙

  2. I love love love these pictures! I love that tent in the first couple of pictures... any idea where I can find one?


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