Slum Soccer: Last Week To Give

Thank you to everyone who has given, posted and prayed for our project Slum Soccer. This has just been the beginning of this labor of love. As we come to the last week of giving and move into the next phase of this project my heart begins to beat a little faster. The next phase is moving into the ordering/buying of the soccer balls, that's exciting. What I keep picturing in my mind is the little hands of my babies handing a soccer ball to the little hands another baby, the look on their faces, their smiles, their joy, maybe their first gift ever. Oh just the thought. Literal tears.


Then as a mama to watch my babies have this dream, to watch them give, to watch them love, and to step on the ground and play with these beautiful little loves on the continent that I love...well I don't have words really. Just more tears.

Ok so that is a lot of tears and feels, but over all we are very excited to take you on this journey with us.
Every dollar donated will go towards these soccer balls and we will personally be handing them out this July.
This week is the last week that we are taking donations. Please share on your social media and at your churches, and if you have $5 donate :)

Go to
If you have not yet watched the video on that page do so and then hit donate.

Thank you,
Love The Stasi Tribe


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