Gia's 4th Birthday Party

Each of my children are so very unique and different. Gia being both my niece and a child of this family makes her even more so. Yet, I never want her to feel different or outcast, but still knowing who she is. Each child brings a challenge to a family, to a mama and daddy of figuring out and building up what they need, what their gifting's and interests are. I actually love this challenge, it helps me to look into each child, not put them in my box, but to see who they really are and see them the way Christ see's them.
All of my kids love to do art but our sweet Gigi really has taken up a love for it. Her fine motor skills are so very good for her age, drawing hearts and other shapes already. So we did an Alice in Wonderland Art Birthday Party for her! She said later that it was the best birthday ever!
When she was born she was the smallest little peanut I had ever held. She is still pretty little but has grown so beautifully. She is goofy and silly, she loves so sweetly and kind. She is a blessing to our family and we are all so thankful for her.

Robin from It's an Art Party came up with art projects that went with the theme, she brought all the art supplies etc. and cleaned it all up. It was great for me because I was able to help my kids with their art and take pictures instead of running around like a crazy woman, well a little. All the kids at the party were really into it and they all had master pieces to take home.

The party invites and thank you cards are from Basic Invite. They have great quality cards and so many beautiful, modern layouts to choose from. Their customer serve was so refreshing to work with. Go check them out! 

We love you Gia Sky and we are so happy that you are 4! Happy Birthday baby. 

Gia's Birth Story HERE 
Gia's 3d birthday HERE 


  1. These are perfect! And I LOVED rereading Gia's birth story. I definitely remember all that so well! I'm jist in awe about the whole thing. G-d allowed you intimate moments with her as a newborn-even cutting the cord! Knowing that she'd be part of the Stasi family. I'm certain those little details will be a healing balm to her soul. Well done girl.

  2. Awww I am glad she had a great birthday! It looked like fun! It is good that she is such an important part of your family. She's wonderful. I think you need to post her photos more often!!

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