One year of Life

November 9th 2011

I am one blessed woman. Each of my children have brought something greater and more beautiful to my life and my character. Thank you Jesus!

You can read his birth story here.

His 1st Florida trip

at the beach 

Oh and then I got an  iphone lol

Another post about Levi is here

These are from this morning...

Levi Paul Stasi 
I woke up this morning remembering pushing him out and how beautiful and magical that moment was!
I am beyond thankful  for this gift!! 


  1. How amazing. That is so cool that you got to have the blessing of an at-home birth! How comfortable that must have been rather than in an unfamiliar hospital room. Really great shots!!!!! So emotional and your husband is great to hold you like that. aww. <3 love is so great! Your children are so great! Giving birth is so great!

    1. Victoria
      I was, I am so thankful for my home birth it was beautiful! I loved it! I love goving birth too! Everyone thinks I'm crazy lol <3

  2. What a magical year! He has such a light in his eyes. He smiles from his soul and makes everyone around him smile.


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