She's 5: Hadassah Life

I want to remember! I want to remember your face just the way it is. It reminds me of your heart your sweet, sweet heart. You are so precious to me I can't imagine my days with out you. I can't imagine having other children with out you being their big sister. Your sweet, free laugh, gentle touch, and fighting spirit. Oh Hadassah the way you love Jesus touches my heart, more than any other person I have ever seen. 
Your long legs, crazy hair, blue eyes, full lips, beautiful dancing and singing. Each thing about you is like a gem in my heart. You are like a thousand arrow's in my quiver. The Lord must really love me to trust me with one He finds so special, one He adores like He does you.
I hope that you always know how much I love you and that you never question my love for you, not even for a minute.
I love you so completely and deeply.
Your my favorite Hadassah in the WHOLE world! 
My beautiful queen. 

All Photos done by Open Vision Photo 

Here  and here are all the years past of my beautiful Hadassah :) She has grown so much! 
I love you sis!!
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  1. She definitely is a gorgeous little girl and seems to be full of life and joy. May her joy always be filled by God and never leave her life. She looks so much like you too!

  2. She's adorable and precious. And I'm in love with your pants. ;)

  3. Shiloh will be five this year and I know that sweetness that you speak of. Your daughter is simply STUNNING and I love your heart for her.


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