Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Beauty. I am realizing that I talk about beauty a lot. Beautiful things, people, places, creations, all of it, they inspire me!

I believe that beauty is an essential part of The Lord's heart, I mean just look around! I also have found that seeing and noticing the beauty around us, in people, and in the atmosphere that we can create, help me to have a thankful heart.

It's why even your little children love to pick you a flower, or bring you an animal that they found, or draw you a picture, or put on a play for you. There is joy, life and bonding that can be found in noticing the beauty and participating in it all; all its forms and shapes.

I have these posts HERE & HERE from years past.

Just use what you have inside and outside; use what you have, start somewhere. Not perfection but fun!

And these are images that are inspiring me this year...

All images from my Pinterest HERE

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I have no idea what I am going to do really. We are meeting Luke's family in a cabin this year so I am going to take my pumpkins and see what the mountains offer.


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